WTF am I?

Published August 25, 2014 by Liz Ault

My son ended his first “long term” relationship a little over two months ago. He moved back in with me when he did.

Four days ago he reentered his plentyoffish account with updated info. Within an hour he had left messages for 6 different women. Shortly after sending these messages he got a reply. They visited for hours.

I won’t say this young lady’s first name, not fair, too new. Lets call her Rita. Yeah, Rita. Is that subtle or what?

Before they even had a first face to face date, she did a dump. An emotional dump. It was a total “here is everything that might send you running, or make you do a polite bye bye.” He was impressed – so is mom. He did one also.

So in just 5 or so days, they are very much in “like.”

Here is where I say WTF. The W is not for what, but for who. Who the fuck am I? I struggled for 59 years. I’m almost to the point where I am bordering on okay. This young woman tells my son that she is a misfit. She is a goth. She has a totally art worked body, and she doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Either accept her or walk the fuck away.

This young lady blows my mind. She gets it. 

My progress is getting ramped up. Who the fuck am I? Dang, just me! And I’m pretty damned cool. What I would have given to have that understanding at 26.


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